SAS International

Increased Automation at Door Manufacturing Facility

Client's Requirements:

To manufacture a system that would drastically reduce manual handling and increase their automation at their door manufacturing facility. 

Our Solution:

We proposed a fully automated production line which required 2 operators in comparison to the previous 15.

Completely eliminating all manual handling through specifically manufactured machines, an example of this is the bespoke door flipper. This required a fully manufactured and programmed system, including custom built PLC's for the project.

Final Design:

The installation of our machines increased overall output from 40 doors an hour to 120 doors an hour - a 300% increase.

The cost of the system was also recouped within 6 months of production. 

Key features:

  • RFID technology integrated within the system

  • Live feedback of door progress to anticipate required parts further down the production line

  • Customised user-friendly touch screen interface