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Our Services


From replacing old control/motor panels with new sensors and instrumentation to installing new low voltage equipment and cabling, such as new distribution boards, sockets, and lighting, we offer an extensive range of automation, control, and electrical services.


We are one of the largest conveyor belt suppliers in Europe, and are able to vulcanise and install belts up to 4.4 metres (in width) onsite. All of our stock also comes from approved suppliers and our food grade stock is fully FDA approved. 


Since we established in 1990, we pride ourselves in the quality of our conveyors and machines.


Our conveyor systems are built to handle any material and commodity, while also providing one off conveyor solutions to full factory conveyor systems.


We have complete machining and fabrication equipment on site and can handle a wide range of engineering projects. Our engineers are also skilled in a variety of welding techniques, including Tig, Mig, Alloy, and Arc.


We have a team of highly skilled engineers with a wide range of expertise who can assist you when needed, from mechanical and electrical break on cover to temporary shift cover and onsite welding repairs.


When it comes to your project, we can help you by taking full control and management, providing you the assurance that it will be completed or delivered on time and within budget.

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