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The client wanted to reduce manual handling and potential human contamination, by putting in place a fully automated filling line, that would increase speed and achieve more accurate filling, with less waste.

We also had to modify the existing part of the line that feeds the system. This was relocated by us from Scotland to Bristol.


We designed a fully bespoke automated production line.

The line consisted of a purpose-built feed hopper above production, where the ingredients are stored and gravity fed. We also developed a custom mixing unit to ensure even distribution of product.

As shown in our video, the system can fill the pots to the desired weight and then attached a lid to the top of the container.

Labels are attached to each side of the container, automatically and date stamped, before exiting the line onto the stacking machine.

We integrated our system with the existing Robot Pallet Stacker.

The machine was delivered to the client’s facility to be set up and ensure all fine tuning and training was complete before signoff and handover.



  • A target of 10 seconds to fill each tub

  • Measurements ranging from 1.5 – 2.5 kilos

  • Variety of products selected through PLC

  • Our system used a custom-built program of a fully operator friendly interface.

  • We supplied full CE Certified handbooks and training for staff.

  • The machine also operates on low voltage - 230v, which was a main specification from the customer due to the isolated position of the line.

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