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Design and install a new 90deg bend conveyor, that will replace three older conveyors that due to their age, have become unreliable.

The conveyor will be used to transport blocks of rubber from an existing conveyor into the chute of a grinding machine.

The job had specific requirements and limitations; these were:

  • The conveyor had to fit within the gap between the existing conveyor and the grinding machine.

  • The radius of the conveyor had to be within the operational restraints of the conveyor belting.

  • The conveyor had to be able to take the weight of a full batch of rubber blocks.

  • The conveyor had to be manufactured in modular pieces due to access limitations.

  • The conveyor speed had to match the original.

  • The conveyor power requirements must not exceed the existing control system.

  • The conveyor design must meet UK safety and design regulations.


After all requirements were considered, and an operational design for a single 90deg bend conveyor was drawn up, the conveyor was then manufactured and tested at our factory.

A full risk assessment and job method was carried out prior to installation, to ensure everything ran smoothly during fitting of the machine.

Testing was then carried out on site, and the conveyor simply integrated into our customers control system without any problems, maintaining the original operational process.



Significant benefits our customer experienced after the installation were:


Reduced Power Usage:


By replacing three 1.1kW motors with a single 1.5kW motor, we achieved a power savings of 1.8kW. Our sustainable approach not only reduces costs but also promotes energy efficiency.


Streamlined Maintenance:


Our solution simplified the maintenance process significantly. Instead of managing three separate conveyors, our client now only needs to maintain one conveyor. Additionally, the implementation of a modular chain design eliminated tracking issues, reducing the overall maintenance requirements.


Minimized Downtime:


The older conveyors posed a reliability issue, leading to frequent production downtime. Thanks to our new conveyor system, this problem has been resolved entirely. Our client can now enjoy uninterrupted production and increased operational efficiency.

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